Pros and Cons of Opting for a First Look

Considering a “first look” on your wedding day? It’s a trend that has gained popularity, offering couples a chance to see each other before the ceremony. While some embrace it, others prefer the traditional route. Here are the fun and practical aspects to consider:


More Time for Portraits:
– Fun Factor: Get ready for an extended photoshoot session with your photographer, capturing beautiful, intimate moments before the ceremony.

A Chance to Calm Your Nerves:
– Fun Factor: Ease those pre-wedding jitters by sharing an emotional moment with your partner in a more intimate setting before the hustle and bustle.

More Privacy:
– Fun Factor: Enjoy some quiet time together before the ceremony, especially beneficial for introverted couples who value privacy.


Breaking with Tradition:
– Fun Factor: Going against the traditional wedding protocol may feel like a departure from the envisioned emotional aisle moment.

Less Anticipation and Surprise:
– Fun Factor: Preserve the magic of the aisle moment where anticipation and surprise culminate in the first look in wedding attire.

Hair and Makeup Touch-ups:
– Practical Tip: Plan for a touch-up session between the first look and the ceremony to ensure you look picture-perfect.

A first look adds a delightful touch to your special day, offering more time for joyous portraits, intimate moments, and a chance to calm pre-wedding nerves. Yet, it might not align with everyone’s vision, especially if you value tradition and the element of surprise. Ultimately, it’s your day, and your choices should reflect your personalities and preferences, irrespective of trends or tradition. Enjoy the journey!