My name is

the micro wedding planner
behind Vow micro weddings

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela but now based in Austin, Texas, I’m a
passionate event planner with the vision and commitment to make your
dream micro wedding a reality.

y love for event planning began
at a young age and I have planned countless traditional weddings over the years. But when planning these big ceremonies, I always felt like something was missing – and that’s when I discovered the magic of micro weddings.

I believe these intimate celebrations designed for under 50 guests allow couples to focus their attention on what really matters: their deep, profound love for each other.

As a micro wedding planner, I love the challenge of crafting a unique, personalized  experience for every couple. I bring all of my experience with traditional weddings to the table – but with a bespoke twist. My focus is on helping you create a wedding day that is authentic, meaningful, and reflects your own individual love story.


At Vow Micro Weddings, we believe that your wedding day should be about what matters most to you and your partner. We’ve seen time and again how being intentional about the people you invite to share this special moment with you can make your wedding day even more magical.


We love helping couples to plan their dream celebration in a way that is true to themselves and their relationship. Let’s work together to create a wedding day you’ll never forget!